sun's out tongues out  Mindfulness and a mini holiday.

It was a case of sun’s out, tongues out this summer (most certainly for Cooper, my German Shepperd Cross).
The majority of people love holiday time. Whether your holiday involves adventure, cultural places or familiar chill out spaces; some painstakingly count down the days, others faux patience and sit it out; only then to suddenly become engulfed in excitement as the months are shaken down to days…to…ooh joy…..the day!  So whichever one you are, even if you’re a little in between these two contrasting continuums, we all want our happy holiday memories to stay a little longer.

Hmmm… maybe they can linger longer; with a little effort, mindfulness and the right sensory prop.
I have experienced this prolonging of a great moment or memory. I stumbled upon a most mundane sensory prop from my summer cottage holiday in Cornwall. It wasn’t the jammy- like juice of sweet fresh strawberries nor the sound of the swooshing sea; it was, to my surprise the smell of an environmentally friendly washing up liquid provided by the owners of the cottage. After our languid breakfasts and lunches I liked washing the dishes as I looked out at the tranquil, window framed sea view.

So when I was back home after my trip and feeling a little crestfallen that it was all over; I was trudging around my local supermarket when I stumbled upon the exact same washing up liquid; and I had an idea! I shall conjure up the feelings from that holiday every time I have to wash the pots.  I have even found myself washing cups that were already clean just to get that sensory mini trip hit…it’s like a small dose  of tranquility; and it has a grounding affect.. even on stressful occasions.

This mini holiday hit is easy to do, just find anything from your happy memory storage space, add some mindfulness, and most crucially  a sensory prop that evokes memories from that moment, it could be a sound, a smell, something visual or something you can touch. If you put some effort in, you can build in props for various senses, it could be some music and a favourite smell from your happy space/holiday time and voila! you can be doing the most mundane of chores…but in your mind and senses you have had a mini escape from the day to day stresses.

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